My name is Jerlyn Jones and I'm a wildlife and landscape photographer. Being a visual storyteller is my way of helping others develop a deeper connection with wildlife and the conservation of our lands. I love hiking and being at one with wildlife in their natural habitats. My camera and backpack are always with me wherever I go. I have a hunger to be on the prairie with the bison as the wind blows through my hair. Adventures into the forest with the enchanting woodland creatures and along the creeks are so exciting for me. Treks in the mountains with their whispering winds and thundering grounds are magical. 
I love teaching and I dedicated nearly 20 years to students in cross-curricular instruction. I always taught my students to believe in themselves while broadening their horizons. Set your goals, do what you love, and be the best you can be. 
I followed my own advice when I started doing wildlife and landscape photography full time. My passion is sharing my love for nature and teaching others about the importance of the conservation of our wildlife, their habitats, and protecting our lands. 
I am based in Carthage, Missouri in the beautiful Ozarks.
Message me with any questions or requests through my contact page.

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